How to open and edit files in Linux

You can open/edit file in Linux using vi editor

  • vi [options] <file name or path to file> then press ‘i’ to open in insert[edit] mode


  • vi file1
  • vi /tmp/file2
open/edit/close file in linux
To close opened file, follow below commands of vi editor:
  • To save file, type:
    • :wq<Enter Key>
  • To save file forcefully, type:
    • :wq!<Enter Key>
  • To close file without saving, type:
    • :q<Enter Key>
  • To close file forcefully, type:
    • :q!<Enter Key>
open/edit/close file in linux

Note: If you are in insert mode and want to close file, then press Esc key first.

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