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What is the madcap Flare tool?

Madcap Flare is an advanced topic-based authoring and publishing tool. It also serves the purpose of a content management system (CMS).

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How does madcap flare software help a technical writer?

A technical writer can create online Help, training guides, knowledge bases, user manuals, and many more using it.

It provides the ability to reuse content and multi-channel publishing, which helps you create output for both online and print mediums.

The main objective of an editor is to make complex editing simple.
When you are using it, do not worry about any computer language or typical elements. You should only focus on the content.

It provides you a simple XML editor. In XML editor you can perform both:

  • Simple tasks, such as inserting media and formatting text.
  • Complex tasks, such as, adding drop-down text, expanding text, and toggle switches.

It also has a text editor for those who love coding and are familiar with XML. You can toggle between the text editor and XML editor with a single click.

How to use madcap Flare tool?

Based on your experience level with the software, we have categorized posts into following categories.



Step 2: Authoring in the madcap flare software

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How much is madcap flare cost?

The 2020 version of madcap flare costs you $1,788.00 per user for an year’s platinum license. You can check the other options for purchase on their official site.


If you produce multiple formats of outputs then considering the content re-usability, it is a good bet at this price.

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