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Is sarcasm good or bad for society


The irony is a vehicle for wit, but it should not be confused with satire, which is not necessarily a form of sarcasm. There are ways to make political jokes, for example, by using verbal irony, and with a culture that praises it in pop culture and comments on social media, it is easier than ever for a sarcastic person to flaunt his biting humor. As we have already seen, a line, if it is not verbally ironic, can be sarcastic. Direct sarcasm can mean exactly what he says, whether it is an instrument of indignation, a weapon of insult,… Read More »Sarcasm

why communication is important in the workplace

Why is communication important when working in a team

Have you heard someone saying that Communication is a key to success in life, relationships, teams, workplace, business, and all other aspects of life? Do you think it is right? Or is it some kind of facade created by those who love to talk? Ever wondered why communication is important in life that this point is raised again and again by every successful person. In this post, I am trying to answer all your questions. Let us start by understanding the basics of communications. What is Communication According to Merriam Webster, communication is a process by which information is exchanged… Read More »Why is communication important when working in a team