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Authoring in Flare

Step 2: Authoring in the madcap flare software

After getting familiar with the madcap flare software, it’s time to do some actual writing. In this post, I will walk you through all aspects of authoring in flare. Just to remind you, madcap flare is a topic based authoring tool. We will be editing topics throughout this post. If you want to know how to create, open, and edit a topic, then read our first post of this madcap flare tutorial series on Understanding the madcap flare application. Applying styles in madcap flare software Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find… Read More »Step 2: Authoring in the madcap flare software

madcap flare interface

Step 1: Understanding the madcap flare application

This is the first step in our madcap flare tutorials for beginners series, how to use madcap flare application. As a new user, it is always best to understand the software, before working with it. It is good to familiarize yourself with: Its interface Know what different options are available How to access them. When I started working with Flare, I was confused with the term project. I was creating an online help file and a user guide for the same product. I looked for all the madcap flare tutorials available online, but for me, it was a bit confusing,… Read More »Step 1: Understanding the madcap flare application

How to use madcap Flare in 3 simple steps for a beginner

Are you overwhelmed by looking at Madcap flare features? Do you want to learn madcap flare but not sure where to start? When I started technical writing with madcap Flare in 2016, I was excited after looking at its features. I wanted to use all the features and create an online help with responsive design, reuse the same content and create a user guide, and import my old files. Without holding my nerve and I quickly enrolled for their 30 days trial. But, the first week of my trial went in vain. I couldn’t find a single resource on the… Read More »How to use madcap Flare in 3 simple steps for a beginner